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Millie's Scented Rocks were discovered while she was vacationing in the Caribbean in early 2000.  Millie immediately fell in love with these unique crystals that can be mixed in a variety of fragrances. Upon returning to the States, she couldn't erase the joy these scented rocks brought to her, so in 2005 she launched her business creating and selling these fragrant scented rocks.

Some of the most popular scents are: Lavender provides a calm and relaxing feeling after a hard stressful day, Eucalyptus clears up stuffy sinuses and is also good for allergies and asthma, Cotton Blossom provides the smell of a freshly cleaned home, while Frankincense and Myrrh promotes blessings to the home or other important environments.  Some scents can be mixed providing multiple effects such as Lavender and Eucalyptus or Eucalyptus and Lemon. There are over a 100 fragrances available to purchase! We can also customize a scent that smells like your favorite perfume or cologne using uncut oil.

Our rocks are soaked in a specially formulated oil that helps illuminate your home with freshness. It eliminates unwanted odors that can be left behind by pets, smoke, or the lingering smell of cooked foods. Scented rocks lasts for months on end -  you simply add additional oil to extend their lifespan and aroma.

Once you receive your rocks, place them in a glass dish add a few drops of oil. To release the aroma, shake or agitate rocks daily or as often as you wish. Another way to release fragrance is by placing one to three rocks on a diffuser with a tea light candle beneath.

Our rocks are all natural, non-flammable and non-poisonous! However, they should be kept out of reach of children and away from pets.  If digested, simply flush the system by drinking plenty of water.

Millie’s Scented Rocks make great gifts for all occasions! They can be used when staging homes, entertaining guests, and for the general promotion of relaxation.

We’re sure you will love our rocks as much as we do! You can’t beat our prices! Do the math yourself – nothing to plug in, they will last six (6) times longer than a plug in and can be regenerated by adding oil.

Now that you know who, what, and why Millie’s Scented Rocks exist, DON’T DELAY! PLACE YOUR ORDER TODAY!

If you need help on deciding on a fragrance feel free to email us at cmbullcm@comcast.net or call 302-331-9232 for assistance. We will be glad to help you make your selection. Here at Millie's Scented Rocks your satisfaction is important to us.  If you are a business owner, contact us to discuss our whole sale prices.


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* Scented Rocks & Refreshers


* Tea Lights & Oil Burners


* Incense


* Electric Burners


* Shea Butter


* T-Shirts for All Occasions


* Gift Baskets for All Occasions



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