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Scented Rocks are the latest alternative to Potpourri & Burning Candles.  Scented Rocks are hard, porous crystals that have been infused with color and prime quality fragrance oils. The result is a beautiful way to decorate and add fragrance to your home. The oils we use are uncut, alcohol free, long lasting, and truly some of the best essences available. This high grade oil is excellent for aromatherapy uses, scenting candles, potpourri, soap making, massage oil, bath oils, and of course as perfume or body oil. The smell is just truly wonderful. Our personal interest is to ensure we carry nothing but prime quality oils to ensure that our customers receive nothing but the best.

What are scented rocks? Scented rocks are the latest and one of the greatest alternatives to burning candles, a long lasting potpourri if made properly.

How do I use Scented Rocks? Using scented rocks is very easy. Once you get your bag home, put into a beautiful glass or crystal bowl (depending on your bag size will determine how many bowls you need.)and evenly disperse rocks and oil into the bowls. Every other day give them a nice shake or stir and enjoy the aroma.

What type of rocks are they? Scented rocks are hard, safe porpus crystals that have been infused with beautiful colors and wonderful fragrances to create your scented rocks.

How long do they last? Millie's scented rocks will last up to 4 months or more depending on the temperature of the room; and amount of rocks that is exposed in a room a 10X10 use a $10.00 bag, a small powder room a $5.00 bag shall do. For best results place rocks by a fan or vent to circulate better.

What do I do when all the oil dry's up? When your oils dries up just contact us or visit the web site and place a order for more oils   we will ship right away. 

Can I wash or soak my rocks in water?  No, this is not needed.  Water can and will cause damage to the crystals. ONLY PUT FRAGRANCE OILS ON YOUR ROCKS NO WATER

Are the rocks safe if ingested?

NO ROCKS ARE A CHOKING HAZARD, They smell good taste bad! flush mouth out with cold water contact your doctor.   They should be placed out of reach of small children and pets. The oil will burn eyes flush your eyes out with cold water do not rub eyes. THINK SAFETY' />

I spilled some of the oil on my clothes/carpet how do I get it out?

To remove the oil from clothing simply spray the stained area with spray and wash making sure the the entire spot is covered.  Let it sit for about 3-5 minutes then wash in warm to hot water. May not come out completely strong color.

To remove the oil from your carpet simply spray area with some resolve or spray and wash and let sit for 3-5 minutes and scrub with a damp cloth using forceful strokes.


How to use Scented Rocks?



Empty your scented rocks into a glass dish (ex: glass bowl, wine glass or martini glass).  Let as much oil as possible drip out of the bag and into your bowl.  After you have drained out all of the oil, simply shake or stir your rocks up and allow them to smell the room.

Remove the lid from your jar and simply shake the jar making sure the top of your rocks have a wet look to them. 

Don't Forget!
Eventually the oil will settle down to the bottom of your jar and you will notice that your smell is not as strong as it use to be.  To strengthen your smell just give your rocks a nice shake to bring your oils back to the top.  Continue to do this as little or a much as you want, to bring the frangrance to your home.


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