Designer & Aromatherapy Scents

Designer Fragrances...


Bath & Body Works Fragrances & Body Oil Types:

Cotton Blossom Type

Cucumber Melon Type

Honey Rain Type

Pearberry Type

Sweet Pea Type


Men's Designer Fragrances & Body Oil Types:

Cool Water Type

Drakkar Type

Sean John Type

Desire Type

Hummer Type

Hot Water Type


   Women's Fragrances & Body Oil Types:

Black Woman Type

Lady Love Type

Paris Hilton Pink Type

Patti La-Belle Type

Pink Sugar Type

White Linen Type

Kim K. Type


Unisex Fragrances & Body Oil Types:

African Fantasy

Amber Rain Type

Amber White Type

Butt Naked (BN)Type

Baby Powder Type

China Musk Type

Desire Type

Dolce and Gabana Type

Eat it Raw Type

Egyptian Musk Type

Lick Me All Over (LM All Over) Type

Kush Type

One Night Stand Type

The Obama'sType and Much More!