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How Many Rooms In Your Home Would You Like to Scent?

Would you like to scent your .... Car...Foyer...Living Room... Dining Room... Kitchen...Home Office...

Master Bedroom... 2 or 3 Bedrooms... Bathrooms... Wall Lockers... Gym Lockers... RV’s.... Campers... Truck... SUV’s... Cars... Vans.... Office... Class Rooms... Day Cares... Nursing Homes... Closets... Drawers... Hotel Rooms... and more....


We are wholesale distributors!!!!


Would you like to be known for, bragged on, and praised for the unique gifts you give? Well, why not get your loved ones some Scented Rocks or a unique T-shirt, Sleeper etc.. For that special occasion. We promise they will love them and be bragging on you and how their rocks still smell months later. So go ahead get them some, what are you waiting for!

Even get those enemy's some rocks. I promise the rocks seem to have a way to change the way they even feel about you. The scented rocks have gained the nickname of therapeutic rocks, Aromatherapy rocks, Smell Good Rocks, Smelly Rocks and more. 

I have seen Millie’s Scented Rocks get rid of some major odors. I have to ensure that I stress the brand of rocks because every scented rock on the market isn't Millie's Rocks. So don't get confused just because it says Rocks make sure they say Millie's Scented Rocks.

Millie's believe in providing quality products to our family. Family = You. We don't believe in customers every customer goes away finding their additional family. All of you that we meet @ our different sale shows are the greatest joys of working with Millie's Scented Rocks. 

Millie's have expanded into other areas such as the T-shirts now we can make your shirts per order. You can choose a T-shirt from our design selection or we can work with you to create and print your own custom orders as well. Some of our designs are Inspirational such as scriptures from the bible, comedy, Greek shirts, Inspirational, Spirtiual, Loving, Caring, Presious, Independent Designs. 

Click on this link to design on your images or to get ideas for your custom T-Shirt orders

If you need help on deciding what to get or what you may want, feel free to email us or call us. We will be glad to help you make your selection. Here at Millie's Scented Rocks you're happiness is our top priority. We aim to please. So if you have tried the rest, now its time to try the best. We stand behind our product 100%, we love them our customers love them and we know you will too. We are waiting to hear from you, so go ahead and pick up the phone or email us today. (302 331-9232 cmbullcm@comcast.net




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They are flameless!